7 Great Reasons to be Addicted to Your Phone

Posted by admin at 4:07 PM on Dec 2, 2016


At Phone Away, our mission is to help people break free from their addiction to cell phone use. But what if we’re wrong? What if people actually like being addicted to their phones? Is it possible that we’re the ones who have it all wrong?

7 Great Reasons to be Addicted to Your Phone

  1. It’s no longer necessary to look people in the eyes when you talk to them. The expectation of being present in a conversation is a thing of the past. You can half-listen to your friends and loved ones without even glancing up at their faces.
  2. You never have to sit quietly and think. Now that you’ve got your cell phone constantly at your side, there’s no pressure for reflection or self-examination. Those pesky quiet moments you used to have are now a distant memory.
  3. Spending time with your kids is easier than ever. Forget about reading a book, or sharing a story, or watching them play. All you need to do is hand your kids a phone and tell them the password. Simple.
  4. Awkward conversations are history. Stuck in an elevator, in a line at the store, or in a waiting room? Don’t worry about talking to the people around you. Just pretend to mess with your phone. It’ll always be there to keep you in your bubble of isolation.
  5. You don’t have to worry about extra spending money. The average family of four spends at least $200 per month on cell phone bills. Not to mention digital downloads, Wi-Fi connections and increased online shopping. Who needs all that extra green anyway?
  6. Sleeping will never suck away your time again. Remember when you used to get eight or nine hours of uninterrupted sleep? Now that you’re addicted to your phone, you don’t have to bother with “quality” sleep ever again. And if you do happen to fall asleep, your phone will be right by your bed to wake you up when it needs you.
  7. “Pee time” doesn’t have to be “me time.” Since you can always have your “apps on the go” – in the bathroom that is, you can finally cancel all of your magazine subscriptions and stay productive at all times. Just because you’re on the can doesn’t mean you have to quit responding to emails, checking Facebook posts or diving head-first into rabbit holes.

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