Fear of Losing Your Phone

Posted by admin at 4:12 PM on Oct 27, 2021


Fear of Losing Your Phone

That’s the number one fear according to a recent Google search. Sure, there are still some people who are visiting Google to get some digital advice about what to do when they lose their mind (hint: if you’ve lost your mind and you think someone on the Internet is going to help you find it, you’re in deep trouble). In today’s economy, there’s certainly a valid fear of losing your job. However, that’s in third place according to Google. If you’ve got a fear of losing yourself (and you’re not simply trying to find the lyrics of an Eminem song), then you’re still in good company with the Internet masses. That weighty search comes in at number four. 

In this Halloween season, we think it’s just plain scary that “fear of losing your phone” still ranks number one (in our flash, and non-scientific, Google survey).

Let’s help put an end to the world’s collective fear of losing a device that didn’t even exist twenty years ago. Check out some of our products that help you physically break free from your addiction to the little rectangular prison that we willingly invite into our lives each and every day.

Take a breath. Go outside. Engage with a person. And put your phone away. I promise it’s not that scary.

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