Let Freedom Ring, Not Your Phone

Posted by jgrant at 4:42 PM on Nov 4, 2016


There’s a dangerous candidate on the ballot, threatening our freedom.

With the American presidential election coming up in less than a week, we’re reminded about the importance of living in a free society. No matter who you choose, and no matter the outcome – our nation will survive. We’re bigger than one candidate, or party, and our collective strength will push us forward into exciting, prosperous and fulfilling times.

However, there is one candidate that’s not even on the ballot – and this candidate is stealing our freedom without us even realizing it. Click by click, tap by tap, and ring by ring, we are voting for this candidate as much as 85 times per day. Every time we ignore our friends and family at a meal, that’s a vote. When we fail to go to bed on time because we just have to “watch another episode,” that’s a vote. When we stop paying attention to the road when we’re driving, that’s a vote too. And in that case, we’re even casting dangerous votes for others as well.

This candidate has almost unlimited access to us. In fact, we “donate” hundreds of dollars to his campaign every single month. We go to all of his rallies and we never leave his side. In fact, we even let this monster entertain our children when they are bored.

There are no limits to the number of votes we give this candidate. And this candidate hates freedom.

Who is this dangerous candidate? Your smart phone. He’s the number one candidate representing the isolationist party.

If you’re a fan of freedom, please consider your votes carefully. Every vote counts.

Whatever you decide on Tuesday is up to you. We just want to give you some ways to help your other important votes count too. At Phone Away, it’s our belief that individuals in our society are quickly becoming less engaged with the people around them, abandoning the virtue of patience, losing the ability to enjoy quiet time, taking real-life chances with risky and dangerous behavior, and creating a generation of people who would rather look at a screen than the person standing next to them. With smart ideas available on our Phone Away website, you can finally find the freedom to experience life—the way you know it should be.

We’re not anti-phone. Just pro-people. There’s nothing wrong with owning a smart phone. Just as long as you’re not dumb about it.

We’re Phone Away and we approve this message.

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