The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

Posted by admin at 3:59 PM on Feb 10, 2017


Each year, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by hundreds of millions of people all over the world. In fact, over 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are sent to friends and loved ones to mark this special holiday – second only to Christmas. That’s not even counting the digital cards and love notes that are spread via text and e-mail. Surely, that number is much higher.

As people proclaim their love, make an overdue connection, or acknowledge the importance of a special friendship on this day, one might wonder if there might be another way to show someone that they are important. At Phone Away, we are continually amazed about how smart phones are changing the way people interact with each other. We’re obsessed with the fact that technology has invaded our lives and the rapid growth of new ways to make us less human.

While on the surface, cell phones are supposed to bring us closer together, we believe that there’s a collective isolation that is affecting people more and more every single day. Every click, every glance and every buzz is damaging our ability to connect with the people around us.

Put Your Phone Away
We know that the most popular commercial Valentine’s Day gifts are chocolates, jewelry, clothing and stuff you can pick up at any mall or drug store in the world. Our suggestion for the perfect gift this year? Put your phone away. That’s it. Just put your phone away and be there for your loved ones. Your best present is simply being present.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I’ll give you my time,
And put my phone away, too.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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