Phone Away Interviews Sadie the Golden Retriever

Posted by admin at 4:24 PM on Nov 18, 2016


Sadie: The Interview

At Phone Away, we’re committed to helping people break their addiction to cell phones and find a healthy balance of technology for daily life. Recently, we had the privilege of interviewing Sadie, a 9-year old Golden Retriever rescue dog from Santa Monica, California. Through the magic of science, she was able to give us some real insights about cell phone use from a dog’s perspective. Sort of.

PHONE AWAY: Sadie, we’re glad you were able to join us today. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to chat with us.

SADIE THE DOG: Glad to do it! Phone addiction has really been on my mind lately. You’d be surprised how often phone use comes up around the dog park. Sure, we like to talk about tennis balls… And cats, of course. Now I’m not talking about the Rottweilers – those guys are all about working out. It’s mind-numbing. But for us real dogs, we like to cover a number of important topics. And phones are definitely right up there.

PHONE AWAY: We agree with you, Sadie. Let’s dig in. Tell us your thoughts on cell phones. In particular, tell us how your owner’s cell phone usage affects your life.

SADIE THE DOG: Let me clear one thing up, chief. Us dogs hate the term “owner.” But for the sake of clarity, I’ll accept your term and play along like a “good girl.” After all, I am a Golden Retriever. We’re known for our pleasant nature.

PHONE AWAY: Our apologies. We certainly didn’t mean to perpetuate any negative subtext there.

SADIE THE DOG: No worries. We’ll pivot back to that later. Side note, you people really need to stop over-using the word pivot like I just did. Sorry for getting off track, I’m like a cat following a pointer over here… Back to phones.

PHONE AWAY: Yes, back to phones.

SADIE THE DOG: Here’s our main beef. Mmm… beef. I digress. Every time a phone rings, buzzes or lights up, you guys stop what you’re doing and check your phone. It doesn’t matter if we’re on a walk, on the couch watching football, or even driving for goodness sake! I mean, it’s not like the phone smells good. You can’t taste it. Why can’t you stop looking at those dang things?

PHONE AWAY: Um, who’s doing the interviewing here, Sadie?

SADIE THE DOG: It’s like you have a digital leash holding you back from experiencing freedom. Break the leash, man!

PHONE AWAY: You’re barking up the wrong tree, Sadie. We agree with you. That’s kind of why Phone Away exists. To help people put their phones down and experience life.

SADIE THE DOG: I get it. But if you’re smart enough to communicate with a dog, why can’t you figure out a way to get people to stop using phones?

PHONE AWAY: That’s a great question. We’re trying, but it takes time. People know they are addicted to their phones, but they just can’t figure out a way to stop. What’s even more troubling is that we’re raising a whole generation of people who will never know the real pleasure of a life without technology.

SADIE THE DOG: I tell you one thing – if I could take off my leash any time I wanted, I’d do it in a second. You people are nuts.

PHONE AWAY: It’s about time for us to wrap this thing up. Anything else you want to share with us?

SADIE THE DOG: Enough with the cat videos. Seriously. Just stop. However, you can keep the bacon coming. That’s one thing you guys got right.


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