The Summer Without Smartphones

Posted by admin at 10:00 AM on Jun 2, 2017


Imagine a Summer without Smartphones

Summer is a wonderful season. It's a time for kids, teens and parents to go outside, travel the country, take hikes in the wilderness, splash in the pool, catch fish, ride bikes and soak in the sun. This carefree season is meant as nature's way of reminding us that we belong in the great outdoors. We're supposed to feel a warm breeze across our skin, the sand between our toes and smack the occasional mosquito buzzing around our necks.

No school doesn't mean no books, no learning and no adventures. It just means we get to make our own choices on how we're going to spend our summer days.

For millions of Americans, the sad reality is that smartphones are stealing our summer memories one click, one glance and one swipe at a time. Instead of enjoying the wonder of the unknown, and the opportunity to live and grow into complex and interesting people, smartphones are providing us with a narrowing view of the world around us. Sure, there's unlimited content on YouTube and Netflix. There's an infinite amount of texts and emails that might come at any second. But let's be clear: when you unplug from technology, free yourself from your smartphone addiction, and take the time to experience life - you have the opportunity to make real, long-lasting memories. Ten years from now, you (or your kids) won't remember some random food challenge on YouTube, a friend's seventh selfie of the day, or the third time you binge-watched your favorite TV series. You will remember the stuff you did in "real life."

5 Ways to Unplug this Summer

1. Physically put away your phone. This is one great product to do just that. It allows you to set a time to put your phone away so that you can't physically use it.
2. Make a phone journal. If you actually write down the amount of time you spend on your phone, you might find yourself cutting back.
3. Go outside and leave your phone at home. People did it for generations and it never seemed to be an issue.
4. Create a 1:1 chore chart. For every minute your kids spend on their phone, they have to complete a task that helps the family (or the community).
5. Take away your kids' phone chargers. Don't limit the phone time, just the charging time. "When the phone is out of juice, it's not of any use."

Have a fun, safe and smartphone-free summer!

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