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Straight forward and unbiased reviews on phone management products. Also know that we are diligently working on reviewing meaningful products to help you manage your phone time and that of your family. Please check back soon for more reviews. 

REVIEW: The Kitchen Safe Time Locking Container

Description (Courtesy of Amazon)

  • 5.5” Height, 5.5” Base, White Lid, Clear Base
  • Featured on Shark Tank, build good habits by locking temptations in the kitchen safe
  • The product is built from thick, sturdy, high quality, BPA free materials, container walls are very rigid and 3x thicker than typical containers
  • The interface takes seconds to learn, kitchen safe can be locked for any amount of time between 1 minute to 10 days
  • Studies of highly successful people show that the best strategy for achieving goals is to avoid relying on willpower in all situations

Approximately $49


Simply stated, this is an amazing product that’s easy to use and constructed with high quality materials. Is that good enough for a product review? Hmm. Didn’t think so.

Part of our mission at Phone Away is to help people break bad phone habits and take control of phone usage. Hence, our name Phone Away. We literally want people to put their phones away and get back to life. We long for the days when people actually talk to each other, make eye contact and live a distraction-free life full of joy and wonder. It might sound sappy, but we believe it’s a movement that’s starting to catch on.

Sure, there are digital solutions to reduce phone usage. We think there’s certainly a place for those apps, but there’s nothing better than physically giving up or putting away your phone. And the best way to change behavior is to create new habits. We’re talking about real, positive and physical habits that reinforce true freedom – and the happiness experienced from a phone-free lifestyle.

I was looking for a simple container to collect phones during dinner time. What I love about this product is that I can actually see what’s in the container. So there’s no chance that there’s a “lost soldier” that didn’t make it into the box. I’ve got a pretty large family (we have a total of 5 iPhones in our house), so I can certainly relate to all of the phone-related pains that families experience all over the world.

The result? The Kitchen Safe was a perfect addition to our mealtime events and a whole lot more. We simply put all of our phones in the container and set the timer for 45 minutes. That gives us plenty of time for a stress-free dinner and even includes the time it takes for the kids to do the dishes. Another great benefit? If one of the phones ring during dinner, we don’t have to answer it – because we can’t. It’s a great way to enforce our “no phones during dinner” rule. Of course, if you need to leave one of the parent’s phones out of the box, it’s up to you (possibly for safety reasons). We prefer to dump them all in the container just to make a point – that “nothing is more important to us than our time together.”

Once the timer is up, the Kitchen Safe is unlocked and we can pass out the phones to their respective users and get back to the madness. What’s also great about the Kitchen Safe is that we’ve found it to be a great tool for other “no phone” times, including:

  • Homework
  • Chores
  • Time-Outs and Discipline
  • Bedtime
  • And More!

We hope you enjoyed this product review from Phone Away. If you found it helpful or inspiring, please feel free to pass it along to friends and family. We wish you the best of luck in putting your phone away and getting back to life.


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